Sports roots and Italian style.
Carrera creates eyewear with character, expressing the unmistakable personality of people who don’t necessarily demand the spotlight.
Quality is a must-have, a recurring theme driven by innovation.


Thinking outside the box, like only real trailblazers do: Carrera was the first brand to place its signature trademark in the middle of the front.
A unique detail of character that is constantly evolving but is never ostentatious.

From the world of sports competitions to everyday life. The shape of Carrera eyewear is a new stylistic take on the ski goggles that speak of the brand’s origins and that have made Carrera the undisputed star of the global industry.
A unique and unmistakable element.

Black – red – black.
These are the original colors of the stripes featured in the first edition of the ‘Bullet’ ski helmet, which recalled the lines and colors of car races in the early 1970s.
Since then, it has become Carrera’s ever-present flag detail personalizing the brand’s eyewear.


Never underestimate an element.
The temple tip is elevated from a simple functional element to a distinctive detail.
It is specifically designed around the iconic Carrera logo, outlining its profile as if framing perfection.